Sunday, February 23, 2020

CASTING NOTICE - DIE (A Short Film shooting in Washington State)

We are looking for actors for our upcoming short film, “DIE” which will be shooting over two day in the LCV during the last week of March/First week of April.

If you are interested, PLEASE READ THE INFORMATION AND DESCRIPTIONS BELOW and send HEADSHOTS ONLY to the EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW. If we want you to audition for one of the roles, we will email you with instructions to do so. THANK YOU!

Please send headshot, resume, and reels to:
Casting Submission Deadline: March 8, 2020
Shooting Dates: Filming will take place over 2 consecutive days between March 30 and April 2. Exact dates TBD. Production is open to local talent based in/near Clarkston, Washington and will consider exceptional talent based elsewhere.

“DIE” is a short film capturing the moment when a young boy’s fascination with tattoos and scribbling designs on his school papers leads to a dramatic confrontation with his father and school principal. This unexpected conflict leads to the boy realizing that the world is much more complex, complicated, and layered than he had ever imagined.


Tall, with physical presence, sharp features framed by longish hair. Once handsome, his good looks have been obscured by a hard life of physical labor. A single parent who resents his blue-collar existence. Angry, embittered, intelligent, and charming. These warring aspects of his personality reflect in how he interacts with those around him.

Slight of build. Shaggy brownish-to-blond hair. Brown eyes. Bookish, studious, and creative. A quiet kid who makes himself small and invisible in the presence of his father. He enjoys school and the positive feedback he receives from the adults there, so a moment where he has conflict with both his father and the principal is deeply upsetting for him.
Platonic ideal of ‘70s Biker.'  Longish hair, scruffy beard and/or mustache. Can have some tattoos, but none on the upper right or left arm for a temporary tattoo that will be placed there. Lester’s an even-tempered biker who has Seen Some Sh*t. He survived because he manages to keep his cool and not snap to judgment. He and Jim have known each other for years, their friendship bonded over a mutual love of motorcycles.

A ‘recovering hippie.' Handlebar moustache, feathered hair. Wears bell-bottomed slacks and horn-rimmed glasses. Mr. Sarbacher has been a teacher for 16 years. While he still enjoys the job, his enthusiasm and belief that he’s “influencing the next generation of brilliant minds” has settled down into an assumption that his efforts will result in diminishing returns with each generation of students.

Solidly built woman with a look and bearing that makes it clear at a glance that she is In Charge. Principal Hanson is a career educator that has learned over time that a school runs most efficiently with clearly defined boundaries and roles. While she isn’t there to be the PrinciPAL to the students, she does care deeply about each student’s well being, and her disciplinary side is tempered by this compassion.


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